Monday, March 2, 2020

Community Pickling Day plus more!

Hello microbial hosts!

You are hereby invited to come and get your pickle on at Culture Club's inaugural Community Pickling Day:

Because of the onset of early autumn, our dear friends Edward and Fiona from Glenlyon's Adsum Farmhouse have not been able to harvest enough gherkins for us. So we are branching out and pickling whatever we can. 

Things to bring along:
  • veggies to pickle (recommended veggies include: gherkins, string beans, carrots, beetroot, radishes, leeks, garlic, daikon and very small zucchinis)
  • non-iodised salt
  • herbs and spices (recommended ones include: garlic cloves, black peppercorns, bay leaves, fresh dill or dill seeds, mustard seeds, lemon slices)
  • leaves containing tannin (grape, cherry, oak, horseradish, green or black tea, raspberry or blackberry)
  • a measuring cup
  • a tablespoon measure
  • a small knife
  • a chopping board
  • as many clean jars + lids as you'll need for your pickles

If you don't have your own homegrown veg to bring along, please support our local farmers and buy your veggies from the farmer's market at the Sunday Market or from the Hepburn Wholefoods Collective. Tonnas and Harvest also have a great range of organic veggies.

As our pickling day coincides with Chill Out, we thought it would be fun if all us picklers dressed in drag or in flambouyant colourful clothing as we celebrate diversity, biodiversity, and love.

Just a reminder that all HRN events are waste-free, so no single-use packaging please.

See you on Saturday, lovers! Can't wait!

* * *

February Culture Club

Thank you to Mara Ripani and Michal Krawczyk for these beautiful pics:

* * *

Wild Fennel

The March Wild Fennel gathering will be on Sunday March 22 from 9.30am. Venue TBC. Watch this space for more info. FB event here.

Thank you Brenna Quinlan for illustrating the Feb Wild Fennel learning:

Click for bigger

Here are some photos from the Feb gathering. Thank you to Natasha Morgan and Michal Krawczyk for the gorgeous pics!

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