Tuesday, June 30, 2009

HRN Events

The Solstice Dinner was a great night and those who came all did a wonderful job of sourcing local ingredients (At around 200km the rice I brought probably wins the booby prize for the greatest food miles). Thanks to the musicians (the Silly Sausages) and everyone for really getting into the spirit of the event.

Our next film will be on Thursday 9th July at the Savoia Hotel 7.30pm and we will show the film Escape From Suburbia ... sequel to The End of Suburbia.

Also, you may have seen the posters, we are hosting Prof Stuart Hill for two workshops ... one for all of us on the Sunday 26th July 9.30-5.30, and one for Farmers/ Food producers on Thursday 23rd .. for both there is a small cost and you must book.