Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Event Reminders

Hi folks, as usual there's a lot happening in our area right now. Watch this space for news of exciting developments from the Transition Towns Training at the Daylesford Town Hall last weekend. Here's a link   of up-to-date peak oil resources.

We plan to develop a criterion for material put here on our HRN blog but as yet we haven't had the time to do this. Suggestions as to what we include will be discussed at an upcoming meeting / dinner / film, but feel free to discuss here.

Meanwhile here are few local events I'd like to mention:

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Solstice dinner with a difference

On Wednesday June 22nd HRN will celebrate Yule (the winter solstice/longest night of the year) at the Daylesford Town Hall at 7pm.
This year Gary Thomas is going to make up some shared plates from our ingredients.
The challenge is:
                              we, the eaters of this dinner, provide  all the ingredients from our own gardens, gleaned from public spaces, preserved or processed from either of these, or that have been gifted or that received outside the monetary economy.
We are aiming to have an enjoyable celebration where all ingredients and labour are freely given and shared as a foray into a different approach to living in community.
There will be creative effort put into limiting our buying of anything for the dinner, including energy to cook and stay warm. Discussion over dinner will be invited about where things came from, how they were produced, what we were not able to obtain in this way, etc and there will be an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the ‘gifts’.

Join us in this adventure!
If you'd like to attend, please let us know by June 3rd what ingredients or help you are able to offer for the dinner so the menu can be constructed,  or simply if you would like to come along .... drinks, music, poetry,etc are other possibilities you could offer to freely share.
Hoping to hear from you soon…
the HRN schemers

If you're booking into the Transition Training weekend (28/29th May) that's great! You will have to book with SHARE, but could you also let us know, so we have some idea of how many of us HRN representatives can attend....Thanks

Monday, May 16, 2011

MAY 28/29 Transition Training in Daylesford

Announcing a Local TRANSITION TOWNS TRAINING WORKSHOP....Building community resilience and localised economies from the ground up. There are some 360 Transition Towns Networks around the world acting on creating a better future for their families, business and community. Transition Towns initiatives help communities design strong and healthy futures despite diminishing supplies of cheap energy and threatening environmental demise. 

This practical and informative training covers the principles, steps, processes of the Transition Towns model and the logic of an Energy Descent Action Plan (the EDAP). Jacinta Walsh one of the few officially recognised Transition Towns Trainers worldwide will conduct the training in Daylesford Sat 28th & Sun 29th (9.15 to 5.30 both days). Bring some food you have grown or made to share. We will provide home made soup and bread and refreshments. SHARE members $65 for weekend.
To book contact 03 5309 2664 or email Laurel Freeland on president@share.asn.au