Monday, August 31, 2009

More Bushfire Preparation Workshops

Hello all, yesterday saw a fine group of stoic folk enjoy the first of these information sessions with practical application take place at Hepburn Hollow. David H was in fine form and attendees seemed to go away better informed about the many faces of fire preparation and management of the bush for multiple values. Many used a rake hoe for the first time and found it a very useful tool. I have made an order with Hewitt and Whitty in Ballarat (for a good price) for some rake hoes for those who wanted them. They will let me know when these are available.

There are monthly working bees and shared lunch at the Hollow to continue to make the area both fire-safe and beautiful for our enjoyment on the fourth Sunday of the month 10 - 1pm. Come and join us if you have the time and enjoy working together for our mutual benefit and pleasure. This event is the perfect opportunity for the kids to enjoy learning new skills and being part of a community project: they really shine in this situation.

The second bushfire preparation workshop will be below Su & David's place in the gully towards Spring Ck in a slightly different environment so techniques will be a little different The time is 10am - 1pm again on Sunday, September 13th and costs $15/adult. Please book and we will give you more detail about what to bring and where to meet. Also, it would be good to have an idea of numbers to help with planning.

There will be five workshops in all in different locations.

And still on the theme of fire; put Friday, October 2nd at 7.30pm in your diaries for another Fire Forum at the Daylesford Town Hall. More details coming soon.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bushfire Preparation Workshop

The first of a series of Fire Preparation Workshops in Hepburn Springs, hosted by HRN (Hepburn Relocalisation Network) is scheduled for Sunday 30th August. It will be a morning of hands-on work, instruction and discussion; a working demonstration of how to prepare for the imminent bushfire danger period.

David Holmgren will give practical instructions in the use of low-impact techniques for fuel reduction as alternatives to burning. His approach to prepare for the coming summer includes sustainable, long term solutions, improving amenity and environmental values. Residents are also encouraged to join in the Community Fireguard Program provided by the CFA to develop personal and street strategies for dealing with fire. Jay Gardiner will be at the Hollow between 12 and 1pm to talk to you and make bookings with those interested to have a street meeting.

The workshop will deal with assessing fire hazard and implementing two main fire preparation techniques:
  1. Creating contour swales to reduce flame height. Compacted and damp gorse, tree heads and ground litter is raked into rows to accelerate the decomposition of fuel during the wetter season and to build up soil.
  2. Improving the health of the forest by removing overcrowded and stunted trees, and so reducing the long-term risk of crown fire. Moving and stacking firewood from thinned trees for seasoning and later use. Marking further trees for future thinning.
David’s approach is explained in his Bushfire Discussion Paper (available on request). It aims to strengthen community links and is a zero-emission solution to fuel reduction. It is also an improvement strategy for soil and water values, is non-threatening to wildlife, and will produce firewood for the winter.

Where: ‘The Hollow’, a small area of crown land at the west end of Fifteenth St.
When: 30th August, 10 – 1pm, followed by discussion over lunch (please bring a lunch contribution to share)
For more information, or to book (costs $15), call 5348 3636 or email

Also, to enter in your diary now: HRN will host a Fire Forum on the 2nd October (7pm) at the Daylesford Town Hall with Joan Webster, David Holmgren and others.

Bushfire Preparation Workshop; what to bring:
  • Slash hooks, Rake-hoes, rakes, loppers, axe or heavy splitter (as slash hooks are fairly rare)
  • Sturdy clothes, and foot-ware are essential,
  • Gloves, goggles
  • Hard-hat for those doing the heavy work,
  • Notepaper and pen, $15
  • Personal drink
  • Lunch contribution to share, personal crockery and cutlery

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Vegie Boxes

Rod May's vegie boxes are available weekly over summer and sporadically during winter.

When you join, you pay for 2 weeks (for the box you are picking up and the following week's box) and then you pay weekly after that. Hence you are always a week ahead with your payment to ensure a box for that week.

You may want to share a box or get one fortnightly or you may even not want one for a particular time. This can be arranged by email but you must always have $35 in kitty.

If you have a simple recipe using any of the veg in the boxes, why not leave it as a comment below so we can all try it.

The boxes have variable content based on what is available at different times of the year and are a bargain at $35 for a box of yummy local vegies!  Pick up is after 3pm on Wednesdays. Please park in the street to keep the driveway car free and safe for people (especially kids)

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is an important way to:
  • guarantee our food supply
  • support a local farmer
  • make sure that the soil is cared for without synthetic fertilisers and pesticides
  • reduce refrigeration and transport needs
  • substantially lighten your environmental footprint by getting your food locally
To join the box scheme please email Su.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Film: In Transition

Our next film night is coming up on Thursday 27th August, 7:30pm at the Savoia. The film will be In Transition, on the transition movement, so it should be very interesting and inspiring! You can see a trailer for the film here.

Dinner is available at the Savoia from 6pm, book directly with them on 5348 2314.