Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Don't forget to come for a laugh on Friday! And we have some new items for borrowing...

Remember to invite a few friends and come along on Friday evening for the "History of Oil" film. This film is such a treat (which just gets better the more times you see it)... Burst your sides laughing!

As well as the sharp super good quality loppers, short and long handled, slash hooks and the rake hoes (time to be clearing around our properties for fire safety), we now have available for loan cutlery for 30 courtesy of Margot.

Check out this video for an explanation by David Holmgren (and in the background demonstration) of fire-management and revegetation strategies at Spring Creek Gully. Thanks to Dan Palmer of Very Edible Gardens (VEG) for the video.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Essay: Money vs Fossil Energy; Course: Advanced Permaculture Principles and Planning Tools

A couple of items from Holmgren Design Services (HDS), who since the very beginning have supported and sponsored the work of the Hepburn Relocalisation Network. Thanks HDS!

1. David Holmgren has written a new essay which brings fresh insights for empowering environmental and social activism in an age of climate change, peak oil and economic crisis, entitled "Money vs Fossil Energy: the battle for control of the world."

"This essay provides a framework for understanding the ideological roots of the current global crisis that I believe is more useful than the now tired Left Right political spectrum. I use this framework to provide a commentary on current political machinations around Climate Change and Peak Oil. Building from the same energetic literacy that informs Permaculture and Future Scenarios, it challenges much of the strategic logic behind current mainstream climate change activism.  Like the Future Scenarios work, this essay is intended to help environmental and social activists better avoid the obstacles to effective action in a chaotic age."
David Holmgren  Winter Solstice 2010

Download the essay from the Writings page of the HDS website.

2. It'd be great to have a bunch of local HRN folk along for the upcoming 4 day residential Advanced Permaculture Principles and Planning Tools course with David Holmgren. It will be held at the Hepburn Primary School from the 18th to the 21st September. See more info on the HDS website, email info@holmgren.com.au or phone 5348 3636.
"This course is targeted at permaculture practitioners, designers, activists and teachers, Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) holders and other suitably experienced people, who are looking to deepen their understanding of permaculture and improve their conceptual skills and tool kit for design and action."
A reasonable background of knowledge and experience in the area of sustainability may also be appropriate for those who are interested in coming along, but don't necessarily have extensive experience with permaculture specifically... It should be a very interesting course!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Robert Newman - film at the Town Hall

Daylesford Town Hall
8pm August 27th
$8pp includes supper.
Bookings: 5348 3636 or hrn@internode.on.net

Bring a friend! It's a gas!

And just in case you were thinking of coming down to the Savoia tonight to see Food Inc, we have postponed it.

This wild weather has left some of us with lots of work to do. And Words in Winter has a grand programme this week.

We will let you know when the film is showing.