Tuesday, October 29, 2013

update Charlie Mgee

Hey all, Charlie will now be playing down at the Mineral Springs Reserve at the sound shell instead of the Skate Park where the Swiss Italian Festa action is. Come down between 1 - 3pm on Saturday (Nov 2nd) and join the fun.    We will do the Skate Park planting at another time.. tba soon!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Charlie Mgee at the Skate Park

CharliefarmerCharlie Mgee’s very special “End-of-tour, homecoming show” is a must see.
Mgee has recently returned from an international tour where he performed songs from his album, “Permaculture: a Rhymer’s Manual”, to sell-out shows. We’ve heard about Charlie’s heroics in England. We’ve heard about the many reviews. Now it’s time to see for ourselves this permaculture influenced dance music sensation.
Charismatic Perth-based singer songwriter Charlie will be in Daylesford for one show only  to perform his songs based on the 12 principles of permaculture in various musical styles ranging from ‘climate-change reggae’ to ‘peak-oil polka’, so don’t miss it. “Permaculture: a Rhymer’s Manual” focuses on bringing simple concepts of sustainability into the spotlight using the power of music and humour to convey permaculture principles in fresh ways to new audiences. Mgee takes a dynamic, brave new approach to communicating concepts of sustainability through ukulele, rhymes and positive inspiration. But its not just adults that Charlie manages to capture, bring the kids as they are sure to love it; that is why it is at the Skate Park where we hope there will be some young ukelele enthusiasts who can swing along with Charlie. His music is available here.
Our own David Holmgren, celebrated environmental pioneer who inspired Charlie’s concept album will be there, grooving along as well.
 A fun filled afternoon guaranteed. Great family entertainment. A rare act that kids and big people alike can enjoy. And we might just do some tree planting to help make the Skate Park shadier and more pleasant in the summer and a fruit or two. Come prepared! Bring a herb or veggie to plant, a trowel or  a spade
Charlie Mgee’s Permaculture: a Rhymer’s Manual
More Mgee’s songs, news and videos,  visit Permaculture Ukelele website.