Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gorgeously Goat

All Things Goat Festival
Sunday 4th November, 10am-3pm
Bullarto Primary School

Come and experience:
  • a variety of goat breeds on display- Meat, milk and fibre
  • milking and goat husbandry demonstrations
  • a goat sausage sizzle
  • stalls featuring local produce
  • a great opportunity to find out more about goats and what makes goats so great for self-sufficiency

This event is being run by the Central Highlands Goat Club who promote 'Supermarket in a Goat': Milk Bank, Backyard Baskets, a Trading Table and Makers' Market.

Supermarket in a goat is about how goats are an important part of self-sufficiency.  Meat, milk, manure, and bleat!
  • They have fresh or frozen raw goat's milk available at their Milk Bank.
  • Backyard baskets are chemical, spray free, locally grown boxes of mixed fresh produce.
  • The Trading Table allows members to sell different things such as fresh fruit, veg, herb, flowers, frozen berries, preserves, jams, lemon butter, cordials, soaps, eggs, honey, etc at their meetings. (10% of sales go back to the club for insurance and to fund future club events.)
  • The Makers' Market are an active group with a number of different stall holders at Glenlyon and Kyneton Markets. 
The Central Highlands Goat Club meets on the 1st Sunday of the Month at Bullarto Primary School.  They bring a plate and have a lunch at 12.30 followed by a discussion at 1pm. They do farm tours and workshops at different properties. Their meetings cover a wide range of subjects and give people a chance to learn about goats prior to getting them, assistance in locating suitable goats when set-up and ready, access to discount animal health products and feed, on-going advice and assistance.

Membership is $20 year.

Email centralhighlandsgoatclub@gmail.com for more information and to join their email list to be informed of club events.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Reminder & Retrofitting

Hi all, this is a reminder that if you're interested in doing the beer-making workshop this weekend, please let us know ASAP as we don't yet have the numbers.

* * *

There was a great article in The Age a few days ago about retrofitting the suburbs that focused on David Holmgren's vision for what the 'burbs can one day be again:

"...places where people can grow more of their own food, work at home and meet their needs while consuming far fewer resources...You can minimise your costs by slowing down, going fewer places and being more productive with the underutilised fixed assets you've already got."

For further reading, the journo, Michael Green has some other interesting articles on his website.

If you're interested in reading David's full report, Retrofitting the suburbs for the energy descent future, you can download it from the Simplicity Institute website.

You can also watch a fantastic talk that David gave on the same subject at the Wheeler Centre in Melbourne: 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Beer o'clock

We are excited to be offering a brewing course at the Town Hall on Saturday 27th October from 10am to 2.30pm. The tutor is Vince Cirilo. Vince will be teaching us how to make three beers: a red ale, a nut brown, and a pale ale. All beers will use the Partial Mash method.

We will make three 4.5 litre beers and have the option of bottling the following Sunday from 10am to 1pm. (TBC on the day.)

All equipment and ingredients will be supplied but please bring along 6 stubbies for the bottling to allow everyone to take home at least a taste of the 3 brews. Please also BYO a local dish to share for lunch.

Cost for the workshop is $25. Bookings essential. Limited spaces. To secure your spot, please email us.