Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Degrowth & Dirt

Research & Degrowth, (R&D) is an international association dedicated to research, training, awareness raising and event organisation around degrowth. The members of R&D are not only dedicated to the study of degrowth but also see themselves as actors in a process they define as a voluntarily chosen path to reduce production and consumption in order to achieve environmental sustainability, quality of life, freedom and social justice.

With its work, R&D intends to encourage researchers, practitioners, activists and representatives of civil society to jointly develop proposals for a sustainable reduction of growth. In the video below, Federico Demaria and Filka Sekulova of R&D speak about the need for declining growth and about the difference between degrowth and a recession. They also explain how the crisis could be an opportunity to rethink our concept of wealth and to build a society in which we consume less and share more. 
(If you are reading this as an email, you will have to click through to watch the film on the website.)

You can read more here.
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Don't forget our 50th HRN film night is this Thursday: Dirt! The movie with heart and soil. Hope to see you at the Savoia at 7.30pm.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Skate Park Food Garden

A new edible garden is just about to be planted at the Daylesford Community Park (skate park) cnr Duke and Stanbridge Streets and you are invited to be part of it.
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Working bees
Sunday 4th August 2 – 3pm (tree planting)
Thursday 15th August (mulching)
Saturday 24th Aug 2 – 3pm (perennials)

Please bring protective footwear and clothing, gardening gloves and shovels. Dogs are welcome but must be on leads.

Community, social groups as well as school groups and individuals are all invited to join in. Plant donations welcome or drop in at St Mel Cyclery & Café and sponsor a tree of your choice for $20.

For ongoing information about this exciting project visit: www.justfreefood.blogspot.com.au

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Our 50th Film Night!

Come along and help celebrate our 50th HRN film night, and you just might win a special door prize. Hope to see you there.
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Saturday, July 13, 2013

More Miso & More Movies

We are hosting our third miso making workshop on Sunday 21st July from 10am - 1pm at Melliodora. There are nine places. The cost is $45 which includes all ingredients plus miso soup and salad afterwards.

Our trusty miso master, Rick Tanaka is currently in the Blue Mountains with the only organic miso maker in Australia so that we can have more workshops.

The koji (starter) must be fresh for the best results and it will be ready next week.

This is the last miso making workshop for a while so be quick and book now.

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We haven't had a film for a while but if you are quick you can catch the Unplugged Film Festival online. There are so many to choose from. A few of the films we have screened at HRN film nights so if you missed one you particularly wanted to see, it may be there.

Be warned though that many of the films focus on the problem rather than the solution so don't watch too many of those!! We are the solution when we are stimulated and motivated, not depressed and impotent.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Cheap Cheap Cheap

Kate and Bren from Daylesford Organics are downsizing their award-winning flock of chooks and are offering local hen lovers a chance to buy some of their free-ranging certified organic birds. Leghorn crosses (white) and New Hampshire crosses (brown).

All different ages. Buy a couple or a couple of hundred!

Phone 0411 040 412 for more info.