Thursday, April 16, 2009

April Update

Adam Grubb's workshop on the Nature of Energy last Thursday evening was enjoyed by those 27 who attended. We all gained a graphic understanding of the way energy changes form, with some entrophy over time, and many surprises with a comparison of the energy needed for various common activities. If you have any feedback Adam would be interested to hear it and so would we.

Re future Reloc Network (HRN) nights: We are wondering if people are interested in having a night looking at local financial options and a speaker from the Bendigo Bank. Please let us know if this is something that interests you and if there is enough interest it could run on 23 April. We will also be offering a film night on 28 May, at the Savoia, so put this in your diary (details of the movie in the next email).

A group of us have been working on creating our food survey for local producers and we are now looking at collecting names and phone numbers or emails for local food producers. If you have any contacts please let us know. If you are (or know of someone who is) producing just a small amount but are keen to trade or intend to produce larger quantities in the future, we are keen to hear from you also.