Thursday, September 7, 2017

Cheesemaking workshop wrap up

A HUGE cheesy thank you to Kirsten, Nikki + Rosie for so generously sharing their knowledge, time + cheese with us. Thank you to Alison for the scrumptious bread, to Alex and Mara for welcoming everyone who came along on the day, and again to Mara, for taking these photos that so beautifully preserve the nourishing spirit of the day.


The Goat Path said...

Beautiful day, delicious memories, awesome pics. Thanks everyone who participated! Rosie

Anonymous said...

Brilliant session with lovely knowledgable crafts women. Now I want a cow!

Nikki Marshall said...

Great photos thanks Mara...I loved the day and learnt so much...such a knowledgeable, resourceful, creative and sharing community we have around us here. Thanks Meg and Su for're both inspirations, Nikki