Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Conference and film night # 55

Well the Local Lives Global Matters Conference was certainly an enormous feat to pull off with so many challenging speakers, workshops and panels. It certainly gave the activists a huge challenge and boost to our commitment to creating an existence that we aspire to rather than one we accept unconsciously or with bad will
Manish Jain  provoked my questioning further in an area that challenges the basic and most accepted tenet of our existence - 'education'
This film,  'Schooling the World', is a vital tool for re examining schooling from an historical perspective to current day iterations. It is a must see. View the trailer here

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Sambodhi Prem said...

Thank you for putting on this evening. It was a great movie and we had a great discussion afterwards.

One thing that wasn't mentioned: the internet has made a revolution in education possible: whereas in the past a few hundred people might take a popular class at a top university like Stanford, now that class, when video taped, can be made available to millions around the world.

The Twitter hash tag #RethingHighSchool is an interesting one:

Laurene Powell Jobs (the widow of Steve Jobs) together with Russlynn Ali (https://twitter.com/russlynnali) have started a movement to accelerate this revolution in education:

It's amazing to see how technology is super-charging education, allowing, on a global level, a new generation to educate itself on a scale that had previously been impossible.