Friday, June 8, 2012

Willow Removal in Spring Creek

The North Central Catchment Management, not respecting their agreement not to do further removal of willows in Jim Crow Ck above Shrives Bridges until more research on the effects of willow removal and follow up work, are again in the creek with chainsaws and big machinery wreaking havoc as we speak.  Please see the Holmgren website  on the Spring Creek page for discussion on this issue and further history and info.
Call the advocate  ph: (03) 5348 1028, NCMA ph: (03) 5448 7124 or simply visit the spot which is just downstream of Lavandula and voice your opinion, if you go down, please take some pictures if you can. This environmental vandalism in the name of Landcare is a sad state of affairs. How can we continue to perpetrate the war against nature in this way?

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