Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Nicole Foss in Daylesford, Shoe making workshop and Cob Earth Building at the Rocklyn Ashram

Hi folks, don't forget to book for next week's opportunity to see Nicole Foss in Central Victoria; actually here in Daylesford (she is coming to us instead of us having to go to her somewhere quite distant from home). You can get a preview at this week's film night at the Town Hall on Thursday and see her in person a week later. Click links or check blog site (and scroll down) for further info.

Secondly, there has been a cancellation for Duncan McHarg's shoe making workshop series, starting this Saturday. The three workshops cost $190 (subsidised by the Shire) and you will be supplied with the materials and assistance to make a pair of leather shoes for yourself.  So... who will be the lucky one to get the place?

Also, for the aspiring builders, the Rocklyn Ashram is conducting a week long cob building practicum starting on Friday 10th Feb. Great program and costs only $300 for the week.

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