Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Local happenings

Hey all, it seems that a lot of us have been really flat of late but there a bunch of things happening to go to that could get us smiling again. Try some of these...

This Saturday pop up to Jubilee Lake between 12 and 3pm to celebrate the new lessee of the Jubilee Lake Caravan Park - a residents' co-operative! Congratulations Hepburn Shire for giving them the lease! HRN will have a stall there.

Paul Hawken
If you want to hear Paul Hawken, he will be in Bendigo October 28th as guest of the Bendigo Sustainability Group. Email us if you want to be part of a table. (It is expensive I know but hey, it could be worth it.) We will be car pooling across.

Then, Daylesford Community Gardeners are hosting a garden party Sunday October 30 between 10 and 3pm. Oh what fun! Bring a picnic or enjoy some Ego Culinaria tucker while reclining on the grass with friends.

Also, starting in November are a series of bicycle maintenance workshops at the Neighbourhood House between 2 and 4pm on the last three Saturdays. Great idea if you have an old bike you would like to zip into shape for Critical Mass (last Friday of the month at 5pm at the Daylesford Primary School).

And Keeping it Local: Local Wardrobe is a nice little clip on local clothing, something I neglected when Ken Warren asked the question about transitioning and local clothing at a recent film night. Here is what a small group is doing.

And coming film night Juliette of the Herbs and a community dinner.

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mike said...

What a wonderful person!
Herbs,honey,colloidal silver. Just about all you need.
More than 50 years ago Buster Lloyd in wartime UK pionered herbal and vegetarian diet for dogs, and achieved international fame at that time. The company he set up still functions as 'Denes'.