Friday, February 18, 2011

Don't miss Michael Reynolds in Daylesford!

Hey, Michael Reynolds workshop preparation is proving to be lots of fun, creating a wave of enthusiasm amongst lots of people beyond HRN, SHAre and the Council for future prospects of what we might create at the tip, the source of much wealth for building. Will it turn into a passive solar lunch room for Jenny.....?
And, Mike should be a real font of info both about the ins and outs of his particular way of designing and building for self sufficiency using discarded industrial materials (hence the workshop at the tip) as well as the regulation quagmire that our Council is looking at lightening up - do I hear you making skeptical noises?? Well, we at HRN are pretty excited about the steps forward in the Council and for the first time are working closely with this Council. Times they are a changing at last.
Oh, and if you book for the talk on Thursday evening, that will help us to know how many to cater for  at supper time.
Put a note in your calendars for next film night - Thursday, March 10th when we will be showing
The Oiling of America
  Robert Pekin the creator of Food Connect in Brisbane will be in Daylesford to tell us all about his 1000 box CSA(Community Supported Agriculture) in March.

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