Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wild Food workshop this weekend, and some reading and watching...

Don't forget Alexis' Wild Food Identification, Gathering and Preparation workshop this Sunday 30th. There's still space, so email us or call 5348 3636 to book in! It will be really great finding and gathering wild food, then preparing and eating it! I very much enjoyed my meal when I attended a previous workshop and have made use of my identification skills in finding food to prepare meals since!

Also don't forget to head to the market stall for Sally McCrae at the Daylesford Market before you head down for the workshop.

If you aren't able to make the dinner and films tonight, you can check out the update from the Chile building project here. Worth a watch to see what our funds are helping them do over there.

And just a few other things to check out while you're at it:

A new article by David Holmgren, on Bee keeping for the energy descent future, is available for download from the Writings page of the Holmgren Design Services (HDS) websiteThis article is a reflection on "the prospects for apiculture (bee keeping) as a sustainable and resilient livelihood in the future" and considers the current state of apiculture and future possibilities from a number of different angles.

Also on the HDS website, a press release by David entitled Urgent need to recreate flood resilient rivers and floodplainsThis press release is a response to the recent floods and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of streamside vegetation management strategies that are currently in use and that are recommended by David Holmgren and others. 

David also recommends that "Tradable Energy Quotas is probably the only public policy that might have a chance of giving us orderly energy descent," and that "this report should be widely read and discussed."

Also check out a video, 300 years of fossil fuels in 300 seconds, here.

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