Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Fermentation get together

Here's your opportunity to either strut your stuff or see what others have made and learn some new tricks. This is a practical sharing afternoon with others from Central Victoria to broaden our horizons and get fermenting. We got a big buzz from the Sandor Katz visit...let's see what others are making. Town Hall, this Sunday 29th June between 12 midday and 4.00pm

Demos & tasters: ** Clare O'Bryan .... Kraut & kimchi Demo
**. Dora Berenyi......Bulgarian yoghurt sample
**. Raia Faith Baster.....carrot ginger ferment demo
**. Marita. ..... Kefir cheese demo and beet kvass demo
**. Su Dennett.......sourdough starter... How to start it, feed it and use it.

Kombucha (more correctly - ko cha kinoko)
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