Monday, September 23, 2019

Seeds of change: planting out our future

Introducing Hepburn Seeds Savers

"The smallest seed of faith is better than the largest fruit of happiness." -Henry David Thoreau

Introducing Hepburn Seeds Savers, the newest member of the HRN family. 

The Hepburn Seed Savers's charter is to help take responsibility for our Shire's local food supply. It will operate out of the Daylesford library, where it will have a permanent installation consisting of small packets containing seeds for vegetables and herbs that grow and thrive in our bio-region. 

The day to day loaning of the seeds will be managed by the Hepburn Shire Council library staff. 

How the Seed Library works:
  • Borrowers check out the seeds, then
  • Grow the seeds in their gardens
  • Use the crops to provide food for their family + friends
  • Allow some plants to mature (to produce viable seed)
  • Save and dry the seeds
  • Return the seeds to the library to be repackaged
  • The beautiful cycle of life continues…

Before the seed library can get up and running, organiser + seed enthusiast and down right wonderful woman Brenna Fletcher is putting a call out for seeds, and volunteers to be involved in this life honouring new project. 

Please email Hepburn Seed Savers to make a donation of seeds and to get involved.

* * *

Daylesford Extinction Rebellion Second Meet Up

We had Jane Morton (Extinction Rebellion Melbourne) come out and give an inspiring presentation last Tuesday on the climate emergency and what we can do about it. Now we're meeting up again to come to a decision on the best way forward for the emerging Daylesford Extinction Rebellion group.

Tuesday September 24
7pm - 8.30pm
Senior Citizen's Room (rear of Daylesford Town Hall)

We'll be deciding what form we would like our local XR group to take, and what works best for us (i.e. do we want to do a Non-Violent Direct Action training, more workshops, local protests, and what role will Daylesford play in the International rebellion in October?)

This is a free event and everyone is welcome to attend. We'd love to see new faces who couldn't make it last week, and if you can't make it this time, feel free to post ideas on the event page and we'll bring them up at the meeting.

Coffee and tea will be available. BYO snacks/bikkies to share if you would like.
Just a reminder that all HRN events are waste-free. No single use plastic please.

RSVP here.

Thank you to Hepburn's Brenna Quinlan for facilitating the XR group. We love your gutsy energy!!

* * *

Introduction to Natural Dyeing

Discover some of nature’s hidden sources of colour! Plants have been used to dye fibre and fabric for thousands of years and a beautiful natural palette is still available to you without the need for harmful chemicals. Local weeds or kitchen off-cuts can offer harmonious hues in a range of values and intensity. 

This hands-on workshop with Ilka White introduces a selection of local colour possibilities, as well as discussing fibre types, mordanting options and safety of dyes. A shibori technique will also be used to produce patterned cloth.

Sunday 29 September
10am - 4pm
Community Kitchen, 30 Templeton St. Castlemaine

Screening of 2040

For those who haven't seen it yet, Hepburn Wind is putting on a free screening of 2040.

The film captures a positive vision of our future where environmental challenges are faced with practical solutions available to us now.

Before the film screening, a panel will discuss how the Hepburn Shire is implementing its own vision to protect our planet and reduce emissions through local projects and the Hepburn Z-NET project.

Thursday October 17
6pm – 9pm
The Palais, 111 Main Road Hepburn Springs

Free screening but bookings are essential. RSVP here.

* * *

Wild Fennel's inaugural workshop

50 people turned up to the first Wild Fennel workshop. 50!! A sure sign that our community is ready to learn about the plants that surround us and to take responsibility for our own health.

A huge thank you to Rosie Cooper and Ali Grace for facilitating the workshop and sharing their knowledges so generously. Have a look at Brenna Quinlan's stunning illustration of the workshop:

Larger version here.

Details for the October Wild Fennel gathering here.

* * *

Mazel tov Hepburn Shire!

Congratulations to Hepburn Shire Council for fessing up to what's happening on our planet and declaring a Climate Emergency at last Tuesday's ordinary council meeting. 

If you'd like to know more about what it means when local councils declare a Climate Emergency you can read more here:

From the HSC FB page: 
...Council unanimously resolved to join a growing global movement and declare a climate emergency. This further supports the proactive actions Council is already taking to mitigate the worst impacts of climate change, by reducing our own emissions and assisting the community to reduce theirs. With initiatives like the Towards Zero Emissions Roadmap and Z-NET Hepburn Shire, Council and community are at the forefront of localised emissions reduction action.