Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Fermented beverages

Hi everyone, this month's Culture Club is focused on a wide variety of delicious probiotic-rich drinks including alcoholic root beers, bubbly vegetable tonics and wild food drinks.

Pls bring along your loveliest homemade fermented drinks and favourite second ferments for people to try and be inspired by.

This Friday 30 June at 9.30am there will be a pruning workshop with biodynamic orchardist Ian Clarke at Rod May's Captains Creek Organics farm. Please bring:
  • secateurs
  • a saw
  • loppers
  • water-based paint (in any colour!)
  • a small knife
  • a paintbrush or two
  • an orchard ladder (or step ladder) if you have one
  • a dish to share for lunch
  • warm clothes!
Here are another couple of workshops we thought might take your fancy.

More details here

So many wonderful events to keep us busy and warm. x

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