Saturday, June 24, 2017

Community hibernal for we wintering diurnal

Hepburn Relocalisation Network organised another winter solstice gathering, which took place on Thursday night at the Senior Citizen's room at the Town Hall. Many of us put our hands and hearts together to decorate the room and make warming food and drink to share. It was another community event open to all, and as the 80 of us arrived we were greeted by the strumming mandolin of Tony Soccio and the brightness of the community bunting.

Michel and Linda led the opening ceremony, honouring the mother, Pandora, Ge, the flowering earth, the goddess, the fermentor of culture, as well as the moon and sun and the more than human.

We were all ages coming together, to grieve and praise life,

to say goodbye to Steven and Maureen,

Maureen in her speech of farewell describes the bare Hepburn plot they transformed into forest over two decades,

and Anthony Petrucci performed Patrick Jones' elegy for Rod May.

The Daylesford Madrigal Singers performed old songs to connect us to our old stories, and Fay White led a sing-a-long along similar lines.

Music, warmth, origin-known food and the love-filled room marked this moment of community immunity, sharing and honouring friends present and past.

Thank you everyone for coming along, and making the solstice such a merry occasion.

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