Thursday, April 25, 2013

Kinglake & Kitchen

Day 1 of the Kinglake Regenerating People Place Prosperity Preparedness conference was truly a knockout. With so many speakers the day promised to be almost too full, but in groups of three the speakers managed to bounce off each other, stick to time constraints and be up for questions at the end of each session.

The content, as you may have seen in the program, is broad ranging due to the inspired organisation of Daryl Taylor. This event was made possible with monies from the 2009 Black Saturday fires funding for badly affected areas.

See if you can make it to Day 2 of this event on Sunday May 5th—National Permaculture Day—to celebrate the best of lessons learned in the wake of disasters close to home.

Inspiring stuff!

Please email us for car pooling options.

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Gardening Volunteers Wanted

The Kitchen Garden program at Daylesford Primary School is looking for volunteers. If anyone is available to assist, even for one session, please contact Jennifer Thompson at the school on 5348 2480. Other Shire schools would be also interested in Volunteers for their gardening programs with students; it's a great way of helping the younger generation go green.

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