Monday, January 11, 2010

HRN 2010 News

Hi Folks,
We have now got a BLOG thanks to the tireless effort of Meg ... this is quite exciting once you learn what it is. If you still want to receive the information from us about HRN you will need to subscribe (the up side is that you can unsubscribe whenever you want). You can now add comments. Remember you will have to respond to our offer to subscribe.

Tony, Carla, Adrian and Phil playing and Kim watching... great equinox celebration dinner!

It's a new year, so which direction do you want us to head?? We'll still be offering lots of movies ... probably on a Thursday night at the Savoia Hotel, every second Thursday of the month. Su's itching to have a community meal .. probably at least around the autumn equinox, but maybe something sooner too.

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Permapoesis said...

hi you!

i have heard about hrn's public nut tree idea through meg, and i'm very keen to be involved.

i've mentioned it, conceptually, on my blog post today. brilliant!