Monday, November 23, 2009

Hepburn Weather on the HDS Website

A Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station has been installed at Melliodora. The data is now automatically uploaded via the Davis server and available from the Holmgren Design Services website (would have been good to check out during the recent wind and rain storms!).

The weather icon (left) on the home page banner links to a clear graphic display of current temperature, wind direction and speed, humidity, daily rain and pressure as well as high and lows for the day. A further link provides full weather data in table format including inside temperature and humidity that show the thermal performance of the passive solar mudbrick house.

For locals in the Hepburn shire, our nearest Bureau of Meteorology weather station is Ballarat, 45km to the west. That information is updated hourly and is not as comprehensive as our data which is updated at 3 minute intervals.

With increased concern about precise local weather conditions during the fire season, the Melliodora data complements another recently installed Davis Vantage Pro2 at Daylesford CFA fire station that can be accessed via the Davis Weatherlink webserver. (note that the location of the icon on the map for the Daylesford CFA is misplaced at Yandoit).

Have a look at the photo gallery of the installation, it shows the use of a high density 20 year old radiata pine pole to get above the very sheltered garden. The pole was harvested from a suppressed wild stand behind the Hepburn Primary school.

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