Friday, January 17, 2020

Events events events!

Hello everyone, and if you follow the Gregorian calendar happy 2020!

Daylesford Repair Café

The first Repair Café for the year is this coming Sunday January 19 at the Victoria Park pavilion from 1pm - 4pm.

You can RSVP on the FB event here.

Last year an amazing one tonne was saved from going into landfill. How much can we save this year??

For the New Years Eve parade, Daylesford Repair Café joined forces with HRN and the Daylesford Community Food Gardeners. The flambouyant and gregarious float was a great success. Not only did we have the crowd joining in our Bob the Builder call and response Can we fix it? Yes we can! but we were the recipients of the Hepburn Wind best sustainability float award, which came with a cheque for $100, which will go towards more Repair Café tools. Well done to all who participated! A huge thank you to Cath Davies and Jeff Stewart for organising the parade, to Hepburn Wind for our prize, and to Kiara Clifton for this pic:

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Daylesford Culture Club

You are cordially invited to come and get your pickle on at:

Culture Club's annual Community Pickling Day 
Saturday February 1
9.30am - 12.30pm
Senior Citizen's Hall (rear Daylesford Town Hall)
We are hoping to once again partner with Edward + Fiona from Adsum Farmhouse but we are still waiting to hear if our gherkins will be ready in time. If they're not ready we will be devastated, but we will dill with it! And we can always reschedule our day to fit in with the growing season.

More details to come soon. Stay tuned!

* * *

Hepburn Seed Savers

* * * 

Wild Fennel: Hepburn Herbal Group

We can't wait for the first Wild Fennel of 2020:

Saturday February 15
9.30am - 12.30pm
Senior Citizen's Hall (rear Daylesford Town Hall)

The workshop theme is lavender and will be presented by special guest Mara Ripani, who is also the talented photographer of these photos from the December Wild Fennel, where we honoured St John's Wort:

You can join the Wild Fennel FB group here.

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Make a human sign at Hepburn Wind

As part of the Sustainable Living Festival, Hepburn Z-NET, Hepburn Wind and Act on Climate Victoria are co-ordinating community members to make a human sign - demanding climate action.

The Hepburn Shire has an ambition to reach zero-net emissions by 2030 in order to play their part in keeping temperature rise below 1.5° degrees.

Community members and visitors will be meeting at Hepburn Wind to make a human sign highlighting the need for greater climate action and support for community led work.

It is vital you RSVP so that we can all be notified if the event is canceled due to weather, and so a plan can be made for an appropriately scaled outline for the human sign.

Gates open at 9.45am, human sign at 10.15am, finish at 11.15am.

The event will be canceled if there is any fire risk, high temperatures or storm warnings.

Proudly supported by Hepburn Z-NET and Hepburn Relocalisation Network.

RSVP essential
FB event here

If you have spare seats in your car or are looking for a lift, let's all share the carbon!
You can register your car or that you're looking for a lift here.

* * *

Community campaign - Hepburn’s Local Law No. 2 review

Hundreds of concerned residents from across Hepburn shire, along with dozens of community organisations have issued an Open Letter to Hepburn Shire Council over the failure to engage in a proper community consultation process regarding overreaching Local Laws.

The letter calls for Hepburn Shire Council to form a working group with residents to redraft the law – General Local Law No.2: Community Amenity & Municipal Places (draft), and to take seriously the concerns raised in over 100 submissions the council has received on the matter.

To find out more, to view community submissions, to receive updates, and add your name to the open letter, visit:

* * *

Local Lives Global Matters 2020 Convergence

Following on from the successful 2015 conference, Local Lives Global Matters 2020: A Convergence to focus on Insight and Action will be held over the last weekend in March from Friday 27th to Sunday 29th.

The world stands on a precipice and we are facing an extended period of challenge and change. Convergence 2020 is being organised to rekindle and extend the energy generated at the 2015 Local Lives Global Matters Conference. It will bring together Central Victorian communities in a transformative process to better meet the challenges ahead.

We are living in a world driven by greed, extraction and growth which has brought us to the brink of social, economic and environmental collapse. The Dja Dja Wurrung have borne the brunt of this damage. They also hold knowledge of how to nurture and sustain the land we live and work on.

Local Lives Global Matters 2020 is underpinned by a deep change approach rather than doing ‘more of the same’.  It’s time to make sense of the crises we face; to collaborate and connect; to take deeper, further and faster action; to build resilience and embed deep adaptation; to transform ourselves and our communities; and to support each other as we relinquish what we need to let go of and restore and create what will sustain us.

The Convergence 2020 organising group is calling for people, groups and organisations to attend and contribute. The following framework is designed to inspire and challenge us in our thinking:

Head What is the latest knowledge? How do we make sense of the crisis we face? What do we need to un-learn?

Heart What do we need to let go of or strengthen? What are we grieving and what are we thankful for?

Spirit What stories do we need to guide us? How do we more deeply connect to the land and each other?

Hands Where do I put my energies now and with whom? What can we restore and what do we need to create ?

Please contact:
John Terry for session proposal forms- Ph 0432 593 514,
Natalie Moxham 0448 372 466 or Laurel Freeland 0498 066 660 to discuss your contribution.

Closing date for session proposals is February 19.

Further information will be available soon on Localising Leanganook.

* * *

Sunday January 19 - Daylesford Repair Café - Vic Park Pavilion
Sunday January 26 - Terra Nullius Breakfast - Outside Daylesford Town Hall
Saturday February 1 - Hepburn Seed Savers meet up - Glenlyon Town Hall
Saturday February 1 - Community Pickling Day - Daylesford Senior Citizen's Hall
Friday February 7 - Apis: natural beekeeping group - 6 Tierneys Lane Daylesford
Saturday February 8 - Daylesford Community Food Gardeners working bee - Albert St garden
Saturday February 15 - Wild Fennel lavender workshop - Daylesford Senior Citizen's Hall
Friday March 27 - Sunday 29 - Local Lives Global Matters 2020: a convergence to focus on insight and action - Castlemaine
Tuesday April 7 - Soap making workshop in Hepburn - More details to come soon


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