Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Land for life

HRN, in conjunction with Eva Perroni and Future Feeders, is proud to present LAND FOR LIFE.

Land for Life is the second in a series of talks based on land, economy, indigeneity and social ecology. The first event was Land Cultures: Aboriginal economies and permaculture futures.

About the speakers
Rebecca Phillips is a proud Pangerang and Djaara woman. She believes the preservation and revival of her cultures is important to uphold what her ancestors paved the way for and what we must build on for future generations. Bec was an active and valued member on the Dja Dja Wurrung Negotiation Team, negotiating a Recognition Settlement Agreement with the State of Victoria and her People. She currently sits on the Dhelkunya Dja (Healing land) Land Management Board, setting the direction for the Management of the 6 Parks and reserves to be jointly managed by the State Government and Dja Dja Wurrung Clans Aboriginal Corporation. Bec has been involved in the revival of her traditional language (Dja Dja Wurrung), through Djalli Bunjil (Language Knowledge) and is reviving traditional and modern day, songs and dances.

As the permaculture co-originator, David Holmgren is a leading thinker, writer and teacher on how societies and communities can become more resilient with a lower impact on the planet. Together with his partner Su Dennett, David lives and works at Melliodora, in Hepburn, one of Australia’s best-known permaculture demonstration sites.

David has spent a lifetime developing a sustainable and fulfilling way of living. His latest book, RetroSuburbia, shows how Australian suburbs can be transformed to become productive and resilient in an energy decent future. It focuses on what can be done by an individual at the household level.

Eric Holt-Giménez is an agroecologist, political economist, lecturer and author. As the current Executive Director of Food First, Eric’s work informs and amplifies the voices of social movements fighting for food justice and sovereignty across the globe. Food First’s frontline publishing approach brings researchers, writers, and social movements together in a collective effort to amplify the voices of frontline communities fighting for food systems transformation. Food First generates research and education for action, bringing the perspective of community-based struggles to broader development and policy debates.

In his latest book, A Foodie's Guide to Capitalism, Holt-Giménez asserts that the food system cannot be transformed without addressing the economic system of capitalism. Using the wide-angle lens of political economy, Holt-Giménez delves into the economic and political context of the current corporate food regime, exploring the commoditisation of food and land as well as issues of power, privilege, and exploitation across the food chain.

About the MC


Eva Perroni is an Australian-based researcher and writer reporting on the frontline of food and farming issues. Her expertise lies in telling stories that delve into the hidden fabric of our food system: exploring the ways food is produced, distributed, exchanged and consumed and its impacts on the environment, global health, communities and culture.

Eva is committed to food justice and promoting solutions that pave the way for ecologically sustainable and socially just societies, and is an advocate for life-enhancing farming methods and amplifying the voices of community-based movements and organizations working to effect change in the food system.

The event will include an update from Tammi Jonas, the President of the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance (AFSA).

Former vegetarian academic Tammi Jonas is now the meatsmith at Jonai Farms, where she and her family raise pastured rare-breed pigs and cattle, transforming whole carcasses into a range of fresh cuts, smallgoods, charcuterie and salumi in their on-farm butcher’s shop.

Together with AFSA, Tammi is working towards everyone’s right to nutritious and culturally-appropriate food grown and distributed in ethical and ecologically sound ways, and our right to collectively determine our own food and agriculture systems.


Tickets for Land for Life are $5 and available at the door only. Please bring a plate of supper to share.

This exciting event is a fundraiser for Food First.

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