Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Winter Solstice Community Dinner

June 21st, 7pm ...mark the date on your calendar 

It's 8 degrees outside at 1.30 in the afternoon on the first day of June, in three hours it will be starting to get dark ...and in three weeks we will be at the darkest time of the year; the winter solstice again.

But hey, from then on, the days will start to get longer, ever so slowly at first and then rapidly as we near the September equinox, so we are going to celebrate the solstice. Come out of hibernation and join with us on June 21st at the town hall at 7pm for a warm community dinner together.

The challenge is to bring as much as you can from your own gardens or pantries....and cook up a storm! More about the food guidelines and an event poster coming soon.

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