Monday, May 4, 2015

Deep Listening / Dadirri - A Documentary For Our Time
Friday May 15th , 7.30 at the Daylesford Town Hall
We hope you can come to the next HRN film night, and meet and discuss with the film maker/ director, Helen Iles (of Living In The Future .org). This film has been a while in the organising and we're not sure when the next one will happen, so come along and make contact with like minded folks, meet newbies, and hopefully the general public (tell your friends).... send this poster around to help us get the word out, about this once off opportunity. Helen, from Wales has been living in Australia with her partner, a medical researcher for just over a year and is heading up to the Northern Territory on Saturday week to further document one of the aboriginal communities/people there and will be heading back to the UK in the near future so this is truly a rare opportunity

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