Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Words in Winter HRN special

Yarns on the wild side of sustainability Sunday August 3rd at the Rex.

1 - 1.45pm
The Sound of Music - some favourite tools   Stephen Oram
Ferment, foment and froth        Raia Faith
Gum leaves, lettuce leaves         Vasko Drogriski    

2 - 2.45pm
 Hawksbeards & catsears       Alexis Pitsopoulos  
Serendipity, snakes and the other  's' word       Laurel Freeland
Chopsy the Goat   Sebastian Klein

3 - 4pm
Zen and the art of vegie oil motoring  Tim Burns
What, only a bag of dried apricots, tea and salt for 10 days?   Ruth Bray
Sci fi Hepburn   scenarios, imaginary or real ?          David Holmgren

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