Wednesday, May 29, 2013

No Junk, Thanks

Here is a list of the companies that oppose the labeling of GMO ingredients in their products. Please stop supporting these companies!! If you don’t, it means you actively support the polluting of the planet with Genetically Modified Organisms.

* * *
The lovely Greg Holland, our Hepburn postie, suggests we all sticker our letter boxes with "No junk mail." Many of us have done this already (or something similar) but for those who haven't yet, Greg is willing to stencil it on your letterbox as his contribution to reducing advertising material and waste. If you live in Hepburn and are interested, please feel free to contact Greg. Alternatively, there is a sticker available from HRN for $1.

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Mary-Faeth Chenery said...

Great list - thanks for the help! Does anyone/any website have a list of email addresses for these companies so we can easily tell them that we are not buying their products and why?