Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nicole Foss at the Daylesford Town Hall

Last Thursday about 90 people sat riveted for an hour and a half while Nicole talked about the bubble dynamics of the global  economy over the last 30 years and how we are in the throes of a deflationary collapse of our financial system that is likely to be far worse than that of the great depression.

She explained the implications for us all and suggested changes in how we manage our financial affairs and run our daily lives without credit. While her analysis was shocking, the conclusions drawn reinforced the HRN strategies of focussing on rebuilding our household economies, working more in the community and enjoying stronger self reliance.

Nicole acknowledged the long term threats of climate change and peak oil but emphasised the bursting of the financial bubble is a more immediate challenge. These three are all important but getting our finances in order immediately will help with the other two as well. Mayor Sebastian Klein and David Holmgren also had some excellent input at question time.

If you missed this event you can always go to the Automatic Earth where Nicole, amongst other things, has a list of things to do. Nicole is not just a theorist as you will see. See more here...

From L to R: Laurel Freeland, Nicole Foss, David Holmgren, Sebastian Klein

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