Sunday, August 14, 2011

Energy Descent Action Planning

HRN does most things that are in line with the transition to a simpler lifestyle to encourage the strong development of a cohesive, self reliant and socially just community.

Informed by the rapidly emerging energy descent future after many generations of the 'big is better' view of progress 'fuelled' by energy ascent, it is often hard to imagine what energy descent might look like. Even more challenging is how we might think positively and plan to not only survive but thrive in a future with less energy. This light hearted FAQ helps explain energy descent and action planning. If you have any comments or feedback, we can develop it into a joint paper that may be useful for all of us to send to friends and family.

Transitioning is happening in the Shire in many small and meaningful ways which are the basis for people to really embrace bite sized changes in their lives on an ongoing basis to achieve the larger goal of adapting to, and even enjoying, a lower energy future.

Join some of the things happening around eg SHAre activities, the Community Gardens, the Central Highlands Goat Club, the Daylesford & District Horticulture Society to name just a few or/and start something with your friends/family/playgroup.

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