Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Event Reminders

Hi folks, as usual there's a lot happening in our area right now. Watch this space for news of exciting developments from the Transition Towns Training at the Daylesford Town Hall last weekend. Here's a link   of up-to-date peak oil resources.

We plan to develop a criterion for material put here on our HRN blog but as yet we haven't had the time to do this. Suggestions as to what we include will be discussed at an upcoming meeting / dinner / film, but feel free to discuss here.

Meanwhile here are few local events I'd like to mention:

Special BUDGET Hepburn Council Meeting tonight 6.00 where the town's land assets may be discussed. If you're concerned about Rae Lands, Community Garden block, and other public land, come along.

World Environment Day this Saturday at DNC

SHARE's wall earthship building workshop at the TIP this weekend

Don't forget our Solstice Dinner ... we need to know what ingredients you can offer, so have a think about  what's in your garden, your larder, your street, or local forest. We have had a good response so far so the meal will be pretty interesting and, with Gary Thomas cooking, guaranteed delicious..... see you there, cheers, Maureen.

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