Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ride The Talk

John Knox is riding through Daylesford this weekend as one stop of many on his nationwide bicycle speaking tour. He has decided that, rather than simply complain about the lack of action on Climate Change, he needs to do something positive about it.

John Knox will be speaking at 2pm, this Sunday 1st August at the Daylesford Town Hall. He will be speaking about Energy Efficiency (and what it can save you) and sharing information about how you can save money (and help save humanity) by making simple changes at home.

You can learn how to stretch your dollar in the following areas:
- Heating/Cooling
- Lighting
- Appliances
- Cooking
- Insulation
- Phantom loads
- Solar power & hot water
- Transport

Come along to an entertaining, informative, engaging and interactive presentation in YOUR community on ways you (and your friends & family) can save energy and avoid wasting your hard earned money while helping to save humanity.

Sponsored by the Hepburn Shire Council, HRN and SHARE.

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