Monday, May 17, 2010

Food Inc.

In Daylesford next week!

If you want to know about Joel Salatin, he is a whacky, inspiring farmer from Virginia with a hard hitting, excellent message. Find out more about him on his website There are also some excellent YouTube clips to watch.

Alla from Lakehouse tells us that if you want to come to the Wednesday session, 2pm start for "Ballet in the Pasture" which is more for locals than the other 2 events, then book through HRN and you will pay $40.

Also, there is a screening of the film "Food Inc" at 2.00pm on Saturday.

Cost $12. Highly recommended.

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Permapoesis said...

Fantastic! I look forward to Alla Wolf Tasker, in the company of Joel Salatin, revealing her ethics on both industrialised food and industrialised bottled water.

On the one hand Alla deplores factory farmed meat and transported industrial vegetables, but champions (via the payroll) Cadbury's industrialisation and transportation of our local groundwater.

It would be worth the $40 to get a comprehensive answer.