Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Community Transport Grants

The purpose of these grants are to assist community groups in providing community based transport solutions. A grant may be sought for the full or partial amount required, up to a total of $1,000 , see Guidelines . Grants may be sought for the hiring of buses, the purchasing of tickets for public transport services, such as buses, trains or trams, the use of taxis or any combination of these. Grants are also available to groups that have innovative transport ideas or ways of promoting or facilitating transport in the shire. THIS IS ONE FOR US SURELY !!!
If you have an innovative idea for transport in our area, this is the time to discuss it. If you are merely interested in applying for funds to pay the community bus fuel bill for a group tour to CERES, Petty's Orchard, or John Ditchburn's wonderful garden in Ballarat  http://www.urbanfoodgarden.org/
   ... either way we can model transport solutions with the help of this grant. Let us know if you have some time to meet to discuss our submission.

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