Sunday, October 5, 2008

Past Films and Actvities

Hepburn Relocalisation Network film screenings at the Savoia Hotel in Hepburn and other activities (since 2006):
  1. The End of Suburbia (2nd August 2006)
  2. The Power of Community – How Cuba Survived Peak Oil
  3. The Future Of Food, Directed by Deborah Koons, 2004. (88 minutes)
  4. The History of Oil with Robert Newman (2006 and 21/2/08)
  5. 2013: Oil No More (French)
  6. What a Way to Go – Life at the End of Empire (7/2/08)
  7. Eat The Suburbs (6/3/08)
  8. The Yes Men (6/3/08)
  9. Ancient Futures – Learning From Ladakh by Helena Norberg-Hodge (8/5/08)
  10. The Gleaners and I by Agnes Varda, and Rob Hopkins on energy descent (3min)
  11. Talk by Dave Kerin from…Manufacturing Union (5/6/08)
  12. Baraka (19/6/08)
  13. One Man, One Cow, One Planet (3/7/08)
  14. The World According To Monsanto (31/7/08)
  15. The Gleaners II (28/8/08)
  16. Garbage Warrior (25/9/08)
  17. The Revolution Will Not be Televised (9/10/08)
  18. Manufactured Landscapes (30/10/08)
  19. An Inconvenient Truth – Al Gore (27/11/08)
  20. Zeitgeist Addendum (11/11/08)
  21. The Eleventh Hour (26/2/09)
  22. Telling The Truth (23/4/09) with discussion by Josh Gilligan
  23. Slow Food Revolution (28/5/09)
  24. A Farm For The Future (11/6/09)
  25. Escape From Suburbia (9/7/09)
  26. Kids' Business (13/8/09) 
  27. In Transition
Other Activities
  • The HRN funded a bus to a ‘Peak Oil & Permaculture’ event as part of a National tour with Richard Heinberg & David Holmgren at The BMW Edge Auditorium, Federation Square, Melb for 20+ people.
  • Hosted Roberto Perez from Cuba (who appeared in the Film “The Power of Community- How Cuba Survived Peak Oil”) at the Daylesford Town Hall, an event that was attended by nearly 300 people.
Note: A great deal of effort went into making this the huge success that it was. We produced a database of local food producers and many contributed with displays on the night.

Book Study Groups
  1. Facilitated with U3A study group of “Permaculture:Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability” (6 weeks)
  2. Study group of “The Transition Handbook” by Rob Hopkins (3 weeks)
Visiting Speakers
  1. Dave Kerin on green manufacturing cooperatives, combining jobs with sustainability and rural resilience.
  2. Janet Millington and Sonya Wallace on Transition Towns and their work at SEAC (Sunshine Coast Energy Action Centre).
  3. Presentation by Sue Ewart on the Daylesford Community Bank followed by discussion. 
  4. Dr Mark Diesendorf and David Holmgren speak at Words in Winter event (9/8/09) (organized with SHARE and Hepburn Wind)
  1. ‘Maximise Your Memory’ Workshop (5/2/09)
  2. ‘Understanding Energy’ Workshop – Adam Grubb (9/4/09)
  3. Stuart Hill workshops:
  4. ‘Healthy Wealthy and Wise on the Land‘ (23/7/09) and
  5. ‘Sustainability, Leadership and Change’ (26/7/09)
Bush Fire Forum with key note speaker, Joan Webster and David Holmgren, Clare Claydon, John Anthony, and Jay Gardiner (CFA) (4/3/09)

Community Dinners:
  • 5 affordable, shared meals where the focus was on ‘sustainable eating out’, sourcing the food locally, minimising waste, etc and promoting community connectedness…. 3 at the Savoia Hotel and 2 at Continental Guest House. At two of these we had a Shire Councilor speak.
  • Winter Solstice dinner at the Town Hall (19/6/09)
  • Assisted Simon Evans in the production of the (Melb/D’ford) public transport timetable.
  • Prepared a submission to Council for funding for various proposals for 2009 : resulted in work on a food survey, workshops with Stuart Hill and more films
  • Linda Hancock pilot
  • Climate Action Forum with Mark Diesendorf & David Holmgren and showcasing Hepburn Wind, SHAre & HRN activities 9/8/09. Shared event with Hepburn Wind and SHARE
Major Work:
  • Food Survey  - to determine the extent of local fresh food production in the Shire.
  • Want to produce a Household audit along the lines of HOPE specifically for HRN
Facilitator In-service:
  • Transition Towns workshop (Maureen 21/2/09, Su 22/2/09)
  • Biological Farmers Association workshop

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